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Organic Kale Seeds

Organic Kale Seeds


Variety: Ragged Jack


Who do I suit?

Everyone with a garden or outdoor area (e.g. balcony, yard)!


Packet size:

Approx. 30 seeds per packet


This seed packet size caters for the novice, new and small growers, and aims to reduce wastage. For larger growers, chat to us on hello@sow.ie and we will get you what you need! 

  • How to Grow Me

    Sowing Seeds

    • Can be sown directly outdoors in small containers (e.g. empty tin (being careful if sharp edges on tin), a yoghurt/plastic container or similar with holes punched in the bottom for drainage) in rich soil (e.g. compost) or can use sowing tray

    • Grows best in fertile soil (e.g. compost) that drains well, in a location that gets some sun (can also grow in shade if sunny site not possible). Kale is a hungry plant. 

    • Make hole approx. 1.5 cm deep, watering soil before placing seeds in. Place 1 - 2 seeds in hole and cover with soil, pressing down gently on top of soil to firm. Gently water. 

    • Germination will occur in approx. 7 - 10 days. 

    • If multiple seedlings have sprouted in each container, to assist growth, thin them to allow the strongest seedlings to flourish (thinning is removing some plants that are growing too close to each other, to allow strongest plants to grow).

    • To thin – best to identify strongest/biggest/healthiest looking seedlings in each container, and use a scissors to cut the ones you want to remove at the base of the plant, just above the soil level



    • Approx. 5 – 6 weeks after sowing, transplant seedlings to their final growing location.

    • Grows best in fertile soil (e.g. compost added to soil) that drains well, in a location that gets some sun (can also grow in shade if sunny site not possible). Kale is a hungry plant. 

    • Ensure plants are well watered the week before transplanting.

    • Create hole in soil to accommodate seedling size, water hole before placing seedling in and important to firm soil well around the roots of the seedling to ensure that the roots are supported. Gently firm the soil around the remainder of the seedling. 

    • Space plants about 50 cm apart in rows about the same, 50cm, apart

    • As the plant grows, recommended to add approx. 5cm dry soil on all sides of the stem to surround the plant in a process called “earthing up”, which helps the stem support the plant. This is particularly recommended if they are growing in a windy site. 

    • Remove any leaves that are yellow. 

    • Keep the soil weed free, ensuring you don’t damage plant in the process.

    • Ensure soil remains moist, don’t allow to dry out. 

    • To encourage growth and deter pests/slugs, feed every 6 weeks or so with organic fertiliser (e.g. dried milled seaweed fertiliser, sachets available on sow.ie).


    Growing Time: 

    • Approx. 2 months



    • Smaller leaves are less bitter/sharp, depending on your taste

    • Harvest bottom leaves first, pulling them off with a sharp, downwards motion


    Tip: Don't grow Kale in the same place year after year as there will be an increased risk of disease

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