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Organic Chard Seeds

Organic Chard Seeds


Variety: Leaf Beet Bright Lights


Who do I suit?

Everyone with a garden or outdoor area (e.g. balcony, yard)!


Packet size:

Approx. 30 seeds per packet


This seed packet size caters for the novice, new and small growers, and aims to reduce wastage. For larger growers, chat to us on hello@sow.ie and we will get you what you need! 

  • How to Grow Me

    Sowing/Planting Seeds

    • Can be sown directly outdoors in Summer in Ireland

    • Grow best in fertile soil (e.g. compost) that drains well, in a location that gets some sun.

    • Make hole approx. 2 – 3 cm deep, watering soil before placing 1 seed in, leaving 30 cm between seeds. If sowing more than 1 row, leave approx. 30cm between rows

    • Cover lightly with compost, pressing down gently on top of soil to firm. Gently water. 

    • Germination will take approx. 7 days.

    • Approx. 3 weeks after sowing, if multiple seedlings have sprouted in each spot, to assist growth, thin them to allow strongest seedling to flourish

    • To thin – best to identify the strongest/biggest/healthiest looking seedlings, and use a scissors to cut the ones you want to remove at the base of the plant, just above the soil level

    • Keep the soil weed free, ensuring you don’t damage plant in the process.

    • Ensure soil remains moist, don’t allow to dry out. 

    • To encourage growth and deter pests/slugs, feed every 6 weeks or so with organic fertiliser (e.g. dried milled seaweed fertiliser, sachets available on sow.ie).


    Growing Time: 

    • Approx. 2 months



    • Twist individual leaves away from the base of plant, working from the outside in, when they are approx. 5cm long

    • Harvest leaves often to encourage the plant to produce new leaves


    Tip: Cut off any flower stems that may appear (plant bolting)


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