Pea Seeds

How To Grow

Sowing/Planting Seeds

  • Sow seeds outdoors until June, ideally in a sunny location (or partial shade)

  • Soil to plant into needs to be well drained, fertile soil (e.g. compost added through soil)

  • Recommended to apply organic fertiliser to soil before sowing as peas are a hungry plant. 

  • Rake soil to break up any clumps

  • Position seeds 10cm apart when sowing, at a depth of 5cm.

  • Lightly press seed into soil, cover with soil, press down lightly and water well.

  • If sowing more than 1 row of seeds, position rows approx. 70cm apart and stagger position of seeds between rows.

  • Once plant has reached approx. 10cm in height, assist plant by tying it to a supporting stake/post with some string or anything similar (can be a simple stick, piece of bamboo, anything that will support its upright growth)

  • Keep the soil weed free, ensuring you don’t damage plant in the process.

  • Ensure soil remains moist, don’t allow to dry out. 

  • To encourage growth and deter pests/slugs, feed every 4 – 6 weeks or so with organic fertiliser (e.g. dried milled seaweed fertiliser, sachets available on


Growing Time: 

  • Approx. 3 – 4 months



  • Harvest from bottom of stem, working upwards


Tip: Harvest regularly to encourage new growth!

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