Organic Radish

How To Grow

Sowing/Planting Seeds Indoors


  • Radishes don’t do well being transplanted, so plant them directly where they will grow to maturity

  • They can grow successfully in partial shade or sun, but try to have them in a sheltered spot. 

  • Best to sow a small number of seeds regularly (every 21 days or so) to have a continual crop over the following months

  • Place the seed into the soil and cover with approx. 1cm of soil. 

  • Sow seeds 5cm apart.

  • Press gently down on soil to firm soil and gently water.

  • Keep the soil weed free, ensuring you don’t damage plant in the process

  • Ensure soil remains moist, don’t allow to dry out. 

  • To encourage growth and deter pests, feed every 6 weeks or so with organic fertiliser (e.g. dried milled  seaweed fertiliser, sachets available on


Growing Time: 

  • Approx. 1 month



  • When top of radish pokes up through the soil/ or roots are approx 2 - 3 cm above soil

  • Pull gently from soil, or loosen the surrounding soil and remove


Tip: Don’t let radishes get too big as they lose their taste and texture

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