Organic Coriander Seeds

How To Grow

 Sowing/Planting Seeds Indoors

  • Pot that allows for soil (use well drained, fertile soil (e.g. compost)) that is approx. 25cm deep required when planting indoors, as coriander has deep roots.

  • (If intending to plant outside, coriander does not like any root disturbance so does not fare well being transplanted. It can be sown outdoors and it doing so allow for 20cm between each seed to avoid transplanting at a later stage)

  • Break up soil so it is fine/there are no clumps.

  • Water soil to ensure it is moist.

  • Place seeds on the surface of the soil, leaving approx 5cm between seeds.

  • Cover with approx. 1cm of soil and gently press down on top of the soil

  • Water gently (e.g. to water can use a plastic bottle with small holes punched in the bottle top)

  • Position in a sunny position (note that during the hottest part of the day, coriander appreciates some shade)

  • Best to water in the early morning and ensure that the soil doesn’t dry out.

  • Germination will take approx. 3 weeks

  • After approx. 3 weeks, if multiple seedlings have sprouted in each pot, to assist growth, thin them to allow 2 to 3 seedlings to flourish (thinning is removing some plants that are growing too close to each other, to allow the strongest plants to grow)

  • To thin – best to identify the strongest/biggest/healthiest looking seedlings in the group, and use a scissors to cut the ones you want to remove at the base of the plant, just above the soil level

  • To encourage growth and deter pests, feed every 4 – 6 weeks with organic fertiliser (e.g. dried milled seaweed fertiliser, sachets available on

Growing Time

  • Approx. 2 months


  • Cut off the stems and/or leaves, and enjoy!



Tip:  If flowers appear, cut them off straight away to allow the plant to focus on growing leaves

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