Courgette Seeds

How To Grow

Sowing Seeds

  • Sow indoors using small containers (e.g. small empty tin (being careful if sharp edges on tin), a small yoghurt/plastic container or similar with holes punched in the bottom for drainage) in rich soil (e.g. compost)

  • Fill small container with soil and gently press down to firm soil

  • Water soil to ensure it is moist

  • Make a hole approx. 1 - 2 cm deep and 3cm in diameter in soil and place one seed in the hole, vertically positioned

  • Water gently (e.g. to water can use a plastic bottle with small holes punched in the bottle top. Can use thumbtack to punch holes – please exercise caution if using thumbtack)

  • Place container in a warm, sunny location (e.g. windowsill in room that gets sunshine)

  • Keep soil moist (best to water early morning) but take care to not overwater when seed is germinating

  • After approx. 3 weeks after sowing transplant the seedlings into a larger growing pot, allowing each seedling 12cm with fresh soil ( e.g. compost)

  • With the back of a pen (or similar) make a hole in the soil (approx. 7cm in diameter, or big enough to fit the seedling in comfortably with its roots) and place the seedling in. Gently press the soil in around the seedling to firm the soil.

  • Water gently.

  • Ensure soil doesn’t dry out and best to water early morning

  • Locate pot in a sunny, warm place (e.g. windowsill that gets sunshine)


  • When plants are approx. 2 months in the soil transplant to an outdoor location which gets sun and is sheltered from the wind.

  • Harden plants for 7 days or so before transplanting – bring them outdoors each day for a few hours

  • Harden and transplant courgette when the weather is warm (hold off on transplanting if weather is due to be cold or windy)

  • Soil to transplant into needs to be well drained, fertile soil (e.g. compost) as courgettes are hungry plants

  • Allow approx. 80 cm between plants

  • Ensure that soil around plant remains moist (do not water over plant itself, but soil surrounding it). Take care to not overwater courgette as it is becoming acclimated to its outdoors location and starting to grow.

  • To encourage growth and deter pests, feed every 4 – 6 weeks with organic fertiliser (e.g. dried milled seaweed fertiliser, sachets available on


Growing Time

  • 3 - 4 months


  • When the courgettes are about 15 cm long they are tastiest

  • Cut the fruit at the base with a sharp knife, being careful to not damage the plant

  • Continuous and gradual harvesting is recommended to encourage plant to continue growing fruit


Tip: Remove the flowers as the fruit expands to allow plant to dedicate its energy to growing healthy fruit

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